ideas for writers Published! is a tool for authors, poets, artists, researchers, song writers... for anyone who breathes life into inanimate matter. Use it to maintain a comprehensive database of your agents, publishers or markets, a nd when submitting your work, for querying publishers that match your specific criteria: multiple submissions, simultaneous submissions, submission mode, contest dates...

Once your work is out in the market, Published! can monitor how long a piece of work stays out. When an editor sends his comment on your article, record it in Published! Use it to track multiple revisions to your work-- both as an independent piece of work, and as a revision of an earlier work. Use it as your contacts database, and to accurately track revenues and expenses arising from submissions.

For when you change your mind.

research database for writers It is a searchable database of ones creative works, each one of which can morph into a whole number of revisions. Each revision is an independent work and is also a sibling of another work. As a free-standing-work, a revision can be tracked as an individual work. However, as a sibling of another work, it can be tracked in the context of its parent.

A Relationships manager
For people move...

relationship manager It is a relationship manager. Tracking is through the complete chain of submissions. Submissions can be tracked to publishers/agents, and also to contacts at that publisher. Contacts at a publisher can move to another publisher, and since submissions might follow these individuals, one can follow the contacts as they move across organizations. However, the work submitted links to the correct version for its time.

It's a Income/Expense manager
Money is not everything... but its good to have.

finance manager for authors It is your personal finance manager. Track ongoing revenue from each piece. Record expenses incurred in creating the piece. Assign categories to income and expenses. Analyze them based on categories and date ranges. Get the overall income/expense from all works put together.

Powerful Query and Reporting
For the hero will search...

query search writers Each section of the interface (Publishers, Contacts, Submissions, Works, Genres, Financial Categories) can be searched by a number of criteria. The results that you see on screen after the search are also reflected in the paper reports. Each sectional report allows you to look at the data in a meaningful way.