A Powerful Submissions Manager

submissio tracker for writers

Cast your net far and wide...

Record the submission details here: the name of the work, the publisher it was sent to, the date it was sent out, the contact at the publisher to whom it was sent. Published! will automatically display the number of days the work has been out.

filter submissions

Filter the publishers you want to target
Target just the ones you want...

Narrow down the publishers that you'd want to target--publishers that accept multiple submissions... publishers that accept simultaneous submissions... publishers that have upcoming contest dates... publishers that accept online submissions...

The publishers drop-down combo box on the submissions grid will be filtered with your filter criteria.

search submissions

Powerful search
Get answers...

Search submissions by a number of criteria. For example: by description, by work, by contact, by date sent, by date response received, by number of days out...

notes for writers

Full Text Editor for Notes
Zoom to enter notes.

Zoom to a full screen to enter notes and editor comments. This is a full text editor where you can change fonts, bold, highlights etc. (Right-click to access the fonts/spelling/ grammar context menu.)